Environmental protection & sustainability Why sustainability is close to our hearts.

Long before the term sustainability was coined, Wentus established itself as an environmentally conscious company. As one of the first producers, we developed compostable films and used them for e.g. waste bags. Today we develop films that ensure a particularly long shelf life for food products and thus reduce food waste. This significantly reduces the CO2 footprint in the production of food. We are also continuously reducing the thickness of our films and ensuring that the raw materials are easily recyclable, e.g. we are increasingly using recycled raw materials, thereby continuously increasing the environmental compatibility of our products.

It goes without saying that we also implement this philosophy in our production: Since 2012 we operate certified management systems for environmental protection and energy. As a result, we are systematically reducing our waste and the energy used in the production of our films. We also avoid unnecessary transport, for example by storing it in-house or by compressing waste before transporting it for recycling, we use process heat for heating and operate more and more electrically powered vehicles. Sustainability is deeply rooted in Wentus' DNA.