Our WENTOTWIST® CPP twist film is based on non-stretched cast polypropylene film. It was specially developed for twist-wrap packaging for hard and soft caramel sweets. WENTOTWIST® has more than proven itself over the years with the well-known confectionery producers on the European market. The optimal dead fold enables outstanding machine run-ability at maximum packaging speeds and thus guarantees maximum productivity. The packaged goods are ideally protected, without the need for time-consuming welding and sticking. The excellent product appearance, thanks to the transparency and surface luminance, enhances the colour effect of the print and also underscores the quality impression given by the packaged goods. Compared to other packaging materials such as cellophane, HDPE and PVC, WENTOTWIST® stands out due to its lower specific weight and resulting higher area yield.
Physiologically safe / odourless and tasteless / oil and fat resistant / water-repellent.