PP films

  • improved product quality
  • solutions for use in microwave, sterilisation and pasteurisation
  • excellent peel properties
  • high gloss characteristics
  • extremely efficient antifog

PE films

  • low sealing temperatures required
  • solutions for deep freezing, cereal packaging & shrink film
  • excellent peel properties

barrier films

  • offers barrier against MOSH/MOAH and any photoinitiators
  • outstanding water vapour barrier
  • increasing product shelf life
  • for use with deep drawable applications
  • reclose film applications

bio films

  • transparent and sustainable packaging solution e.g. as wrapping film for catalogues
  • biodegradability certfied to EN 13432
  • Keimling (Nr. 7P0014) / DIN Certco
  • OK compost (Nr. S010) / TÜV Austria (Vincotte)
  • OK compost HOME (Nr. S010) / TÜV Austria (Vincotte)