WENTOPLEX® Light & Safe

With up to 60 percent less material, WENTOPLEX® envelope packaging is not only a resource-saving, space-saving, very eye-catching and cost-efficient solution for sliced products such as sausage, cheese or poultry. The composite material with an EVOH layer not only ensures a strong barrier against oxygen and water vapor, but special sealing layers also prevent micro-leaks in the packaging.

WENTOPLEX® Light & Safe can be processed without any problems and is suitable for high-performance systems with high productivity. Various reclosing options, integrated adhesive strips, for example, protect the contents even after the packaging has been initially opened, so that sausage or cheese impress with their freshness and appetizing appearance every time they are removed from the WENTOPLEX® Light & Safe packaging.


vibrant design options due to 10 colour HD Flexo print
horicontal and vertical produkt presentation
Eye-catching optics

Packer / Producer

processible on all common packaging machine types
very good sealing properties
high oxygen barrier
optimized sealing layer to reduce micro-leaks


Envelope packaging, reclosing with integrated adhesive strips
Easy opening and reclose options
excellent optics


sustainable packaging concept
more than 60% less weight compard to conventional tray packaging

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