WENTOPLEX® Lidding PT is our lidding film for mono PET trays. It impresses with its outstanding transparency, a high gas barrier and excellent processability. On request, we can equip the Lidding PT with anti-fog properties and print on it with up to 10 colours using HD flexographic printing.


The use of this lidding film contributes to a more sustainable handling of packaging material. The particularly thin design of this cover film also ensures significantly lower disposal quantities and thus also lower disposal fees. It can be processed on all common packaging machines without any problems.


vibrant design options due to 10 colour HD Flexo print

Packer / Producer

processible on all common packaging machine types
very good sealing properties
high oxygen barrier
optimized sealing layer to reduce micro-leaks
Lidding film for use on mono PET trays


excellent optical properties


sustainable packaging concept

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