Wentus skin film has been used for years on all continents. Now, our new WENTOPRO SkinTight® 20 series impresses with even more shine and strength, not only at the point of sale: further improved cutting and sealing properties ensure higher productivity in the packaging process and even lower packaging waste. The range of our series leaves nothing to be desired. Test us and our WENTOPRO SkinTight® 20 series, you will not want to change anymore.

With the WENTOPRO SkinTight® 20 HI we solve the challenges that arise when packaging sharp-edged products such as mussels and crustaceans. This variant is exceptionally puncture-resistant with the same thickness and thus ensures very low reject rates during packaging.


verticale produkt presentation, ensures an attractive presentation at POS
extended shelf life

Packer / Producer

low transport volumes compared to MAP
high performance skin film
no drip loss
outstanding puncture resistance
use for sharp-edged products and frozen seafood (crustaceans and mussels)
reduction of rejects due to defective packs


excellent optical properties
suitable for direct freezing
No freezer burn, thanks to tight-fitting film


reduction of food waste
contributes to sustainable packaging due to sealing on mono materials

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