Environmental protection & sustainability Why sustainability is close to our hearts.

Sustainability is a big word - and one that is often used in our time. Too often? No, we don't think so. Because the responsible use of valuable resources is of inestimable value. But we are convinced that it is important to fill big words with real life. With lived values, real actions and a corporate philosophy that focuses on the climate as much as on the health of its employees, and that upholds not only its own social standards, but also those of its suppliers. We understand sustainability as something comprehensive and holistic, as the great parenthesis that encompasses our aspirations for entrepreneurial action in harmony with ecological and social standards as well as responsibility for our workforce and the region from which we come.


And just as passionately as we burn for our products, we are also committed to sustainability. This is one of the reasons why we are a member of the UN Global Compact, the world's largest and most important initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate governance. Based on ten universal principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the "UN Global Compact" pursues the vision of a business with integrity and sustainability. We act in accordance with these principles throughout the company and in the areas defined for us: operational environmental protection, production, health management and social responsibility.

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What are we convinced of? That sustainability only works if it is lived holistically and in the daily work routine - by everyone. That is why our ecological responsibility begins with operational environmental protection and the consistent reduction of our CO2 emissions. Since 2012, we have operated certified management systems for environmental protection and energy in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 and 50001, which include the sustainable use of resources such as energy, plastics and water as well as the systematic reduction of waste.

In practice, this means, for example: We carefully separate our waste by type and compress it before transporting it for reprocessing. This, as well as our on-site raw material storage, allows us to significantly reduce transport capacities. On our factory premises, we use emission-free electric vehicles, heat with process heat, use modern energy-saving standards (e.g. motion detectors on light sources) and do without valuable drinking water when cooling our production facilities.

And because "more" is always better in this context, we are continuously working to make our processes and supply chains even more effective, sustainable and resource-conscious. 

What drives us? To develop products that achieve maximum added value for our customers - both ecologically and economically. This includes both the responsible use of plastics, among other things through the development of recyclable composites and excellent recyclable monomaterials*, and the sustainable protection of food through high-quality packaging solutions. 

Wentus was one of the first plastic film manufacturers to introduce compostable films to the market in 1992. Today, we are a pioneer in monomaterials and are always looking for more solutions to minimise the plastic content of our packaging and save material. For example, we work together with paper and cardboard manufacturers on ways to develop innovative packaging with a high fibre content that can be easily separated and thus recycled. Of course, we make use of all recycling options in order to optimise the use of resources, including the use of re-granulate and the recycling of edge strips from production.

In all these endeavours, we always keep the high quality standard of our films in mind. After all, reliable product protection and the resulting longer shelf life of food also contribute to the sustainable conservation of resources and minimisation of food waste.

Who is close to our hearts? Our employees! They are both our key and the cornerstone of our decades of success. For us, it is more than just a responsibility to create safe, healthy and attractive jobs for them. It is a matter of the heart for us. That is why we pay attention to ergonomic workplaces and fair working conditions and promote a good work-life balance as part of our health management. At the same time, it is always our aspiration to open up individual development opportunities and career prospects for all employees. In this way, we promote the next generation and train the skilled workers of tomorrow. With qualified further training in various areas, we continuously support our staff and our managers in their professional and personal development. 

The best ambassadors of a company are satisfied employees. But that is not the only reason why friendly and respectful interaction is important to us at Wentus... We simply enjoy working in a positive atmosphere and with satisfied, motivated people. That's why we attach great importance to flat hierarchies, encounters at eye level, respectful interaction. And the best thing is: our employees reward this - with long periods of service, a very low fluctuation rate and a lot of passion for their work.

What are we proud of? Of our region. Here in the region of Höxter in North Rhine-Westphalia on the border to Lower Saxony we are at home and feel comfortable. We feel that strengthening our home region, contributing to its economic and social attractiveness, while at the same time protecting it and keeping it liveable for future generations, is a task that is as beautiful as it is responsible. We would like to play our part in protecting and continuously developing the quality of life and future opportunities of the region and the people who live here.

To this end, we create secure and sustainable jobs in and for the region and always review our economic activities according to aspects of ecology and social compatibility. Furthermore, as an active part of the local community, we attach great importance to regional cooperation. We prefer to work with companies in the region and support various local institutions and associations. Among other things, we are currently a supporting member of the State Garden Show 2023 in Höxter.


* The recyclability of our articles is certified by the independent "cyclos-HTP" institute.